T20 World Cup Schedule 2022 & Venue – Australia

T20 World Cup 2022 which will be the 8th editition of the tourrnament will begin from 16 Oct 2022. The tournament’s first match will be played on 10th Oct between Sri Lanka and Namibia at Simonds Stadium, Geelong and the final match will be held on Nov 13, Sun 2022 at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne. The new edition of this popular T20 tournament is going to be as excited as ever. During this period of around 1 month, 45 T20 games will be played between 16 teams. Australia is the defending champions as they beat New Zealand in the 2021 season.

T20 World Cup is very popular due to which many other popular T20 tournaments like IPL, BBL, etc have also been organized by various countries. T20 World Cup gives a good platform for new and talented players to display their talent. All the 16 teams participating in T20 World Cup have a long list of young and talented players who are the best in their fields, whether batting or bowling.

As mentioned above there will be a total of 45 matches will be played in the tournament and all the matches will be different from each other as no team can be declared as the best team or a weak team.

Due to the popularity of T20 Tournament various popular T20 leagues like IPL, BBL  provides a great opportunity for the players to show their quality in T20 Cricket.

There are a lot of capable and world Class players in the tournament from different countries that will play in the tournament and that will make this T20 tournament very exciting for Cricket lovers.

The full schedule of T20 World Cup 2022 has been released and can be checked in the below table.

No Match Date Timing
1 Sri Lanka vs Namibia 16-Oct-22 09:30 AM
2 Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3 16-Oct-22 01:30 PM
3 West Indies vs Scotland 17-Oct-22 09:30 AM
4 Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 4 17-Oct-22 01:30 PM
5 Namibia vs Qualifier 3 18-Oct-22 09:30 AM
6 Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 2 18-Oct-22 01:30 PM
7 Scotland vs Qualifier 4 19-Oct-22 09:30 AM
8 West Indies vs Qualifier 1 19-Oct-22 01:30 PM
9 Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 3 20-Oct-22 09:30 AM
10 Namibia vs Qualifier 2 20-Oct-22 01:30 PM
11 West Indies vs Qualifier 4 21-Oct-22 09:30 AM
12 Scotland vs Qualifier 1 21-Oct-22 01:30 PM
13 New Zealand vs Australia 22-Oct-22 12:30 PM
14 England vs Afghanistan 22-Oct-22 04:30 PM
15 Group-A Winner vs Group-B Runner-up 23-Oct-22 09:30 AM
16 India vs Pakistan 23-Oct-22 01:30 PM
17 Bangladesh vs Group-A Runner-up 24-Oct-22 09:30 AM
18 South Africa vs Group-B Winner 24-Oct-22 01:30 PM
19 Australia vs Group-A Winner 25-Oct-22 04:30 PM
20 England vs Group-B Runner-up 26-Oct-22 09:30 AM
21 New Zealand vs Afghanistan 26-Oct-22 01:30 PM
22 South Africa vs Bangladesh 27-Oct-22 08:30 AM
23 India vs Group-A Runner-up 27-Oct-22 12:30 PM
24 Pakistan vs Group B Winner 27-Oct-22 04:30 PM
25 Afghanistan vs Group-B Runner-up 28-Oct-22 09:30 AM
26 England vs Australia 28-Oct-22 01:30 PM
27 New Zealand vs Group-A Winner 29-Oct-22 01:30 PM
28 Bangladesh vs Group-B Winner 30-Oct-22 08:30 AM
29 Pakistan vs Group-A Runner-up 30-Oct-22 12:30 PM
30 India vs South Africa 30-Oct-22 04:30 PM
31 Australia vs Group-B Runner-up 31-Oct-22 01:30 PM
32 Afghanistan vs Group-A Winner 01-Nov-22 09:30 AM
33 England vs New Zealand 01-Nov-22 01:30 PM
34 Group B Winner vs Group-A Runner-up 02-Nov-22 09:30 AM
35 India vs Bangladesh 02-Nov-22 01:30 PM
36 Pakistan vs South Africa 03-Nov-22 01:30 PM
37 New Zealand vs Group-B Runner-up 04-Nov-22 09:30 AM
38 Australia vs Afghanistan 04-Nov-22 01:30 PM
39 England vs Group-A Winner 05-Nov-22 01:30 PM
40 South Africa vs Group-A Runner-up 06-Nov-22 05:30 AM
41 Pakistan vs Bangladesh 06-Nov-22 09:30 AM
42 India vs Group-B Winner 06-Nov-22 01:30 PM
43 1st Semi Final 09-Nov-22 01:30 PM
44 2nd Semi Final 10-Nov-22 01:30 PM
45 Final 13-Nov-22 01:30 PM

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