list of cricket world cup winners since 1975 to 2015

Cricket World Cup
1975West Indies291–8Australia274West Indies won by 17 runs
1979West Indies286–9England194West Indies won by 92 runs
1983India183West Indies140India won by 43 runs
1987Australia253–5England246–8Australia won by 7 runs
1992Pakistan249–6England227Pakistan won by 22 runs
1996Sri Lanka245–3Australia241Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1999Australia133–2Pakistan132Australia won by 8 wickets
2003Australia359–2India234Australia won by 125 runs
2007Australia281–4Sri Lanka215–8Australia won by 53 runs
2011India277–4Sri Lanka274–6India won by 6 wickets
2015Australia186–3New Zealand183Australia won by 7 wickets

The biggest event of 50 Over format of Cricket i.e ICC ODI World Cup is held every 4 years. The tournament was started 1st in 1975 and England played the role of Host Nation. First three editons of ICC Cricket World were hosted by England. 11 editions of World Cup have been completed so far and 12th edition(2019) is currently going on in England. Australia are the most successful teams as they have won the tournament 5 times and are the defending Champions also. West Indies and India are 2nd most successful teams in the history of World Cup having won the tournament two times.

1st two editions i.e 1975 and 1979 were won by West Indies who were very strong team at the time.

1983, the 3rd edition of World Cup saw a new winner, India who defeated the giants i.e West Indies in the Final at Lord’s.

Australia won the tournament 5 times in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won ICC World Cup one time in 1992 and 1996 respectively.

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